About Moon & Leaf

Moon & Leaf jewelry is crafted by hand with love and an eye for beauty. Bronze, silver, gemstones and vintage findings are combined to create pieces that link elements of nature and spirit to the power of personal expression and self adornment. We are all connected to each other, the plants, the animals, the Earth and the stars. Moon & Leaf pieces remind you of your connection with this great mystery and of the beauty that resides in you and in all that surrounds you.

Founded by Kristin Satzman in 2015, Moon & Leaf is a one woman business. As an artist Kristin recognizes that her most successful work develops from a surrender to the creative process and she experiences the making of art as a form of meditation and prayer. “The moments that I devote to creating give me the greatest joy, and the pieces I create are reminders to me of my connection to the Universe”. Kristin’s unique designs are like small altars to be worn in celebration of the natural world and our relationship with everything from the leaf on a tree to the moon in the sky. Let’s surround ourselves with beauty and joy and dive into the richness that this world has to offer.